Licensed Hawker


Occupation at marriage

Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at marriage    Person ID 
1 BECKER Abraham  1895Licensed Hawker I0016203
2 BERMAN Myer Wolf  1877Licensed Hawker I0002352
3 BERNSTEIN Barnett  1879Licensed Hawker I0002354
4 BRIN Abraham  1886Licensed Hawker I0007163
5 BROWN Samuel  1894Licensed Hawker I0005537
6 BURSTEIN Jacob Dov  1884Licensed Hawker I0002544
7 COHEN Elias  1890Licensed Hawker I0007955
8 COHEN Marks  1883Licensed Hawker I0014967
9 COHEN Reuben  1887Licensed Hawker I0007586
10 COHEN Samuel  1895Licensed Hawker I0024456
11 DAVIS Abraham  1896Licensed Hawker I0004514
12 FELDMAN David  1883Licensed Hawker I0008461
13 FINKLESTEIN Myer  1882Licensed Hawker I0008483
14 FINN Elijah Mendel  1887Licensed Hawker I0015439
15 FREEDMAN Louis E  1890Licensed Hawker I0008804
16 GOLDBERG Abraham  1896Licensed Hawker I0004507
17 GOLDBERG Morris  1887Licensed Hawker I0015407
18 GOLDMAN Hyman  1885Licensed Hawker I0015221
19 GREENBERG Samuel  1888Licensed Hawker I0029209
20 HARRIS Isaac Proser  1890Licensed Hawker I0009955
21 HOFFENBERG Barnet  1882Licensed Hawker I0014917
22 KASSEL Philip  1886Licensed Hawker I0004860
23 LAITNER Abraham  1893Licensed Hawker I0006090
24 LEVI Joseph  1886Licensed Hawker I0011137
25 LEVINSTEIN Samuel  1881Licensed Hawker I0011204
26 MARCUSON Jacob  1884Licensed Hawker I0015001
27 MILLET Israel Marcus  1892Licensed Hawker I0029687
28 MOSES Solomon  1879Licensed Hawker I0004991
29 NAVEASCHKY Barnet  1888Licensed Hawker I0002514
30 NIMAN Harry  1895Licensed Hawker I0023894
31 NOTOFSKIE Isaac  1868Licensed Hawker I0001700
32 REFSON Isaac  1893Licensed Hawker I0016122
33 REIKHMAN Lewis  1880Licensed Hawker I0014865
34 ROSEMAN Jacob Kalman  1880Licensed Hawker I0018802
35 ROSEN Moses or Morris  1881Licensed Hawker I0014899
36 ROSENTHALL Hyman  1882Licensed Hawker I0009563
37 SALTMAN Samuel  1879Licensed Hawker I0014849
38 SILVERMAN Abraham  1880Licensed Hawker I0033094
39 SIMON Jacob  1884Licensed Hawker I0014994
40 SOLOMON Jacob  1880Licensed Hawker I0005808
41 STEINBERG Abraham  1881Licensed Hawker I0005855
42 STONEFIELD Archer  1895Licensed Hawker I0023138
43 STONEFIELD Hyman  1896Licensed Hawker I0005870
44 TAYLOR Solomon  1886Licensed Hawker I0003924
45 WINER Solomon  1886Licensed Hawker I0014120
46 WOLFE Joseph  1883Licensed Hawker I0014982

Occupation at remarriage

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at remarriage    Person ID 
1 LAZARUS Moses  1884Licensed Hawker I0004327
2 SOLINGER Julius Moses or Joseph  1881Licensed Hawker I0014907

Residence at marriage

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence at marriage    Person ID 
1 MARKS Michael  1886Licensed Hawker I0015382