London, Middx.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane  Abt 1815London, Middx. I0042541
2 Jane  Abt 1849London, Middx. I0001490
3 Leah  Abt 1870London, Middx. I0008868
4 ABIGAIL  Abt 1796London, Middx. I0025713
5 ABRAHAMS Aaron  Abt 1861London, Middx. I0006224
6 ABRAHAMS David  Abt 1891London, Middx. I0040702
7 ABRAHAMS Joseph Harris  Abt 1880London, Middx. I0040697
8 ABRAHAMS Kate  Abt 1855London, Middx. I0004683
9 ABRAHAMS Phillip  Abt 1907London, Middx. I0040701
10 ABRAHAMS Raphael  Abt 1867London, Middx. I0029812
11 ABRAHAMSON Florence  Abt 1865London, Middx. I0000624
12 ABRAMSON Rosa  Abt 1882London, Middx. I0006305
13 ALBU Edward  Abt 1861London, Middx. I0000654
14 ALEXANDER Amelia  Abt 1825London, Middx. I0028695
15 ALEXANDER Aubry  Abt 1886London, Middx. I0024162
16 ALEXANDER Dora  Abt 1879London, Middx. I0024160
17 ALEXANDER Lionel  Abt Jan 1881London, Middx. I0024161
18 ALEXANDER Myer  Abt 1875London, Middx. I0024157
19 ALEXANDER Pearl  Abt 1874London, Middx. I0024158
20 ALEXANDER Ruby  Abt 1878London, Middx. I0024159
21 ALEXANDER Ruth  Abt 1888London, Middx. I0024163
22 ALMONSINA Donna  Abt 1805London, Middx. I0021316
23 ALMONSINA Moses  Abt 1801London, Middx. I0021321
24 ALMONSINA Solomon  Abt 1792London, Middx. I0021318
25 ANNIE  Abt 1838London, Middx. I0004693
26 ANNIE  Abt 1847London, Middx. I0029879
27 ANNIE  Abt 1848London, Middx. I0001015
28 ANNIE  Abt 1857London, Middx. I0010179
29 ANSELL David  Abt 1841London, Middx. I0000077
30 ANSELL Lewis  Abt 1843London, Middx. I0000076
31 ANSELL Myer  Abt 1810London, Middx. I0000074
32 ANSELL Rachel  Abt 1838London, Middx. I0000080
33 AZUELOS Abraham  Abt 1837London, Middx. I0021313
34 AZUELOS Clara  Abt 1835London, Middx. I0021314
35 AZUELOS Hasday Almosnino  Abt 1846London, Middx. I0021311
36 AZUELOS Rachel  Abt 1840London, Middx. I0021309
37 BARBACK Esther  Abt 1896London, Middx. I0020329
38 BARCZINSKY Catherine E  Abt 1871London, Middx. I0020866
39 BARNETT Abraham  Abt 1855London, Middx. I0042017
40 BARNETT Adelaide  Abt 1837London, Middx. I0045277
41 BARNETT Barnett or Philip  Abt 1854London, Middx. I0042585
42 BARNETT Beatrice  Abt 1891London, Middx. I0041806
43 BARNETT Betsy  Abt 1857London, Middx. I0042586
44 BARNETT Bloomy  Abt 1877London, Middx. I0009154
45 BARNETT Fanny or Frances  Abt 1875London, Middx. I0009153
46 BARNETT Jenny  Abt 1878London, Middx. I0015989
47 BARNETT Joseph  Abt 1859London, Middx. I0042587
48 BARNETT Kate  1852London, Middx. I0042584
49 BARNETT Miriam  Abt 1873London, Middx. I0015984
50 BARNETT Morris  Abt 1879London, Middx. I0009155

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (BURNS) Abraham Bernstein  18 Nov 1943London, Middx. I0029680
2 ADDLEMAN Barney  1994London, Middx. I0024065
3 ALBU Annie  Between Apr and Jun 1904London, Middx. I0000653
4 BARON Edward  1963London, Middx. I0034558
5 CHAIE Annie  06 Apr 1919London, Middx. I0005292
6 CHARMATZ Mary Dinah  21 Oct 1997London, Middx. I0041576
7 COHEN Sarah Amalie  07 Sep 1959London, Middx. I0016904
8 COHEN CONWAY Wilfred  21 Mar 1978London, Middx. I0044838
9 DAGUL Barnett  1898London, Middx. I0005616
10 DAICHES Gertrude  14 Jan 1954London, Middx. I0014367
11 FALCKE Beare  Between Apr and Jun 1890London, Middx. I0019525
12 FALCKE May Pearl  Between Apr and Jun 1869London, Middx. I0019537
13 FINEBERG Celia Pearl  02 Mar 1996London, Middx. I0020863
14 GOLDIE Frederick  25 Aug 1970London, Middx. I0023826
15 GOLDREICH Priscill Benjamin  16 Oct 1946London, Middx. I0042023
16 GOODENDAY Jacob Nathan (John)  09 Jun 1961London, Middx. I0024093
17 GREEN Iris  7 Mar 1997London, Middx. I0044848
18 HALDINSTEIN Henry Hyman  30 Nov 1931London, Middx. I0025943
19 JACOBS Ada  18 Sep 1937London, Middx. I0018317
20 KAHN Charles  05 Nov 1905London, Middx. I0000041
21 KINGSLEY John Stewart Albert  01 Oct 2008London, Middx. I0028294
22 LANDA Meir (Myer Jack)  30 May 1947London, Middx. I0001872
23 LANDA Ruth  19 Oct 1989London, Middx. I0001874
24 LEDWIDGE William Bernard John  20 Feb 1998London, Middx. I0028709
25 LEVY Isaac  London, Middx. I0004611
26 LEVY Mark  02 Feb 1909London, Middx. I0014689
27 LYTTLETON Jacob Lubelski  14 Jun 1942London, Middx. I0004735
28 MARKSON Dorothy  Apr 1932London, Middx. I0015858
29 MOCATTA Miriam  10 Feb 1916London, Middx. I0025714
30 NURENBERG Israel  1886London, Middx. I0041857
31 OSTROWSKY Frances  09 Apr 1965London, Middx. I0014631
32 OSTROWSKY Hannah  Jan 1976London, Middx. I0014628
33 OSTROWSKY Jane  08 Nov 1953London, Middx. I0014626
34 RAISMAN Fanny  1976London, Middx. I0009893
35 RAISMAN John  17 Aug 1980London, Middx. I0009892
36 RICHMAN Lewis  Abt 1984London, Middx. I0016910
37 ROSE Leah  1966London, Middx. I0007858
38 ROSENTHAL Fanny  20 Jul 1973London, Middx. I0033209
39 SMITH David  1998London, Middx. I0024400
40 SOMAN Sydney Jacob  Bef 10 Sep 1886London, Middx. I0021282
41 STERN Lina  Apr 1931London, Middx. I0026127
42 STROSS Barnet  13 May 1967London, Middx. I0043921
43 WEINBAUM Max  22 Dec 1958London, Middx. I0034478
44 ZUCKER Hannah Esther  13 Jan 1933London, Middx. I0014690


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 NEWGASS Bettie  13 Aug 1907London, Middx. I0026039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGNES  Abt 1838London, Middx. I0001397
2 BROWN Samuel  Abt 1866London, Middx. I0005537
3 DAGUL Louis  Abt 1875London, Middx. I0005620
4 DINAH  Abt 1842London, Middx. I0003322
5 FRANKLIN Jacob  Abt 1866London, Middx. I0008731
6 FREEDMAN Nathan  Abt 1893London, Middx. I0008830
7 LEWIS Sarah  Abt 1881London, Middx. I0031865
8 LEWIS Sarah  Abt 1881London, Middx. I0004642
9 MIRIAM  Abt 1824London, Middx. I0000112
10 SALOMON David  Abt 1859London, Middx. I0000583
11 SOLOMONS Rachel  Abt 1863London, Middx. I0005818


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigation    Person ID 
1 STAVENHAGEN Julius  9 Nov 1852London, Middx. I0002029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAMS Moses  16 Aug 1919London, Middx. I0004492
2 ADLER Eva  18 Jul 1973London, Middx. I0045369
3 ADLER Kitty or Kate  30 Jan 1970London, Middx. I0045373
4 BERNSTEIN Julius  27 Feb 1968London, Middx. I0015350
5 BLAUMAN (BLOOMAN) Michal Dawid (David Michael)  22 Oct 1937London, Middx. I0044409
6 BLOOMAN Esther Ethel (Essie)  2 Nov 1979London, Middx. I0044660
7 COHEN Matilda  22 Feb 1940London, Middx. I0044362
8 ERDBERG Abraham Hirsch  14 Nov 1928London, Middx. I0044361
9 ERDBERG LATER HILTON Mark Julius later Julian Mark  7 Apr 1966London, Middx. I0044373
10 ERDBERG LATER HILTON Mordechai later Mortimer Jacob  23 Mar 1959London, Middx. I0044363
11 GOLDMAN Mary Constance  1 Apr 1949London, Middx. I0044678
12 GOLDSOBEL Abraham Hirsch  30 Jan 2004London, Middx. I0023217
13 GOLDSTONE Isaac  15 May 1939London, Middx. I0045178
14 GOODSIR Ada Freda (Peggy)  16 Jan 1987London, Middx. I0044707
15 GOTZMAN Chaja Ruchla (Rachel)  29 Nov 1906London, Middx. I0044404
16 GROSS Leon (Leib)  4 Mar 1911London, Middx. I0001273
17 GROSS Phineas  2 Jan 1903London, Middx. I0000161
18 HAFTILLZONE OR NAFTINSON Tilly or Tobie  28 Apr 1961London, Middx. I0045160
19 HIPPSCHMANN OR HIPPS Sara  13 Dec 1957London, Middx. I0044500
20 HUNTERMAN Molly I  5 Apr 2017London, Middx. I0044708
21 ISAACS Julius  20 Dec 1954London, Middx. I0010238
22 KADDISH Max  19 Mar 1952London, Middx. I0045050
23 KILLPACK Evelyn Violet  23 Apr 1985London, Middx. I0027334
24 KRISTALL Rachel  13 Aug 1970London, Middx. I0035882
25 LAMP Esther M  31 May 1935London, Middx. I0045154
26 LEMP LATER LAMP Morris  10 Oct 1933London, Middx. I0045152
27 LEVI Nellie  25 Feb 1954London, Middx. I0044360
28 LEVY Phoebe  17 May 1988London, Middx. I0044643
29 LEWIN Reginald David  30 Mar 1967London, Middx. I0045015
30 LURIE Jack  18 Feb 1947London, Middx. I0033809
31 MENSCH Isaac or Isador or Ignatz Leo  19 Mar 1902London, Middx. I0045309
32 MIRMANN Solomon Serge  3 Dec 1980London, Middx. I0044258
33 OTTER Eileen H  12 Aug 1971London, Middx. I0045067
34 RAKISON Edward  20 Sept 1978London, Middx. I0045092
35 RAKISON Harry (Hersch)  28 May 1969London, Middx. I0035883
36 RAKISON Herbert  7 Apr 1999London, Middx. I0027337
37 RAKUSEN Charles P later Charlesworth Percival  21 Dec 1959London, Middx. I0018341
38 RAKUSEN Maurice Menasseh (later Maurice Reginald)  4 Oct 1984London, Middx. I0045073
39 RAKUSEN Samuel  7 Jun 1933London, Middx. I0012536
40 REUNERT Arnold  21 Jan 1963London, Middx. I0000545
41 REUNERT Gertrude  1 Dec 1966London, Middx. I0000544
42 SARAGINSKY Raphael  7 May 1958London, Middx. I0045159
43 SCHAMISSO Herman  1 Aug 1958London, Middx. I0043963
44 SHYMAN Sarah Marion  17 Sept 2010London, Middx. I0044235
45 SOLOMON LATER SUTTON Nathan  19 Jul 1979London, Middx. I0045354
46 STAVENHAGEN Edward Joseph Bernard Samuel  22 May 1906London, Middx. I0002036
47 STEINBERG Dorothy  25 Mar 1959London, Middx. I0045167
48 STERNFELD Albert Maximillian (Abraham Moses)  30 Aug 1923London, Middx. I0045304
49 STERNFELD Josephine  25 Oct 1967London, Middx. I0045307
50 STONE Joshua or Joseph  2 Mar 1934London, Middx. I0013690

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 KAHN Isaac (Julius)  Between 1853 and 1854London, Middx. I0015684

Residence at naturalisati

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence at naturalisati    Person ID 
1 YEWDALL Charles  1924London, Middx. I0025805


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 ADLER Simon  20 Jan 1916London, Middx. I0018414
2 ALLAUN Moses  30 Dec 1929London, Middx. I0000831
3 ALLAUN Rosalda  04 Mar 1926London, Middx. I0018428
4 PACIFICO Clara  13 Jun 1903London, Middx. I0026117
5 SUNDERLAND Aaron  07 Apr 1922London, Middx. I0037626
6 WOLF Isaac  19 Nov 1908London, Middx. I0016978


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Wills    Person ID 
1 SHOCKEL Dora  29 Mar 1949London, Middx. I0039258


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABRAHAMS / SOLOMON  Between Jan and Mar 1882London, Middx. F00005821
2 AMCHEWITZ / EPSTEIN  Between Apr and Jun 1870London, Middx. F00008869
3 BIDENCOPE / MALCER  Between Jan and Mar 1901London, Middx. F00008118
4 BLACKSTON / JACOB  Between Oct and Dec 1888London, Middx. F00000291
5 BLANCKENSEE / JOSEPH  Between Jul and Sep 1856London, Middx. F00010087
6 CLEMENTS / GREENSTIEN  Between Jul and Sep 1874London, Middx. F00001398
7 COHEN / HARRIS  Between Jul and Sep 1881London, Middx. F00003206
8 DAVIS / DANIEL  1879London, Middx. F00009467
9 DAVIS / SALAMAN  1889London, Middx. F00009470
10 DEUTCHSMAN / FOX  Between Apr and Jun 1879London, Middx. F00000430
11 DIAMOND / BECKERMAN  Between Jul and Sep 1896London, Middx. F00005357
12 DRUIFF / NATHAN  05 Jun 1867London, Middx. F00006698
13 ERLICH / LEVY  Between Oct and Dec 1855London, Middx. F00005024
14 GREEN / RICHTER  Between Jul and Sep 1905London, Middx. F00009636
15 GREENBERG / SOPHIA  Between Apr and Jun 1862London, Middx. F00008694
16 GROSS / ZWART  Between Jul and Sep 1877London, Middx. F00000071
17 HERNBERG / SOLOMON  Between Oct and Dec 1891London, Middx. F00001646
18 JACOBS / ISAACS  Between Jul and Sep 1875London, Middx. F00005511
19 JONAS / ABRAHAMS  Between Jan and Mar 1850London, Middx. F00009478
20 JONAS / BARNETT  Between Oct and Dec 1848London, Middx. F00009479
21 JONAS / BARNETT  Between Oct and Dec 1848London, Middx. F00010945
22 JONAS / GOLDSHEDE  Between Oct and Dec 1858London, Middx. F00009477
23 JONAS / GOLDSHEDE  Between Oct and Dec 1858London, Middx. F00011506
24 KOSSICK / GOLDSTONE  Between Oct and Dec 1886London, Middx. F00007248
25 KROST / KRONMAN  Between Jul and Sep 1883London, Middx. F00007683
26 LEON / GRANT  Between Oct and Dec 1885London, Middx. F00009518
27 LEON / SAMUEL  Between Apr and Jun 1847London, Middx. F00009508
28 LEVENE / NATHAN  Between Apr and Jun 1861London, Middx. F00007188
29 LEVIN / BECKERMAN  Between Jan and Mar 1898London, Middx. F00010040
30 MARKS / JACOBS  Between Oct and Dec 1871London, Middx. F00000732
31 MILLEM / ZWART  Between Apr and Jun 1869London, Middx. F00009302
32 MILLER / SNOWMAN  Between Jan and Mar 1897London, Middx. F00008701
33 OSTROWSKY / HART  Between Jan and Mar 1882London, Middx. F00005465
34 RICHTER / REENS  Between Jul and Sep 1877London, Middx. F00009634
35 RUSKOWSKI / ISAACS  Between Jul and Sep 1886London, Middx. F00005512
36 SAMUEL / ALEXANDER  Mar 1852London, Middx. F00010425
37 SINGER / GOLDSTEIN  29 Nov 1876London, Middx. F00002501
38 SNOWMAN / CROOKS  Between Jul and Sep 1867London, Middx. F00008698
39 SOLOMON / ANSELL  Between Oct and Dec 1895London, Middx. F00000037
40 SOLOMON / NABARRO  Between Oct and Dec 1902London, Middx. F00010027
41 WULFSON / HART  Between Apr and Jun 1858London, Middx. F00007540
42 ZWART / VELENSKI  Between Jan and Mar 1878London, Middx. F00009301