Mile End, London, Middx.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRILL Elias Alec  2 Nov 1896Mile End, London, Middx. I0015774
2 FROHLICH Maurice  17 Sep 1914Mile End, London, Middx. I0039114
3 HALMER Henry  17 Jul 1913Mile End, London, Middx. I0035136
4 NATHAN Lionel H  19 May 1912Mile End, London, Middx. I275
5 OLDFIELD Herbert  Abt 1901Mile End, London, Middx. I0044823
6 OLDFIELD Marie  Abt 1903Mile End, London, Middx. I0044824
7 PEARL Bessie  11 Dec 1904Mile End, London, Middx. I0044376
8 SAMSON Sara  Abt 1884Mile End, London, Middx. I0035945
9 SKOLNICK Lily  10 Sep 1915Mile End, London, Middx. I0038855
10 WOLFSBERGEN Rebecca  Abt 1870Mile End, London, Middx. I0044670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 MILLEM Henry (Hartog)  7 Jul 1885Mile End, London, Middx. I0044673


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARRANOVITCH / GOLDMAN  Between Jan and Mar 1911Mile End, London, Middx. F00012689
2 GOLDSTEIN / MANTUS  Between Jan and Mar 1925Mile End, London, Middx. F00013073
3 HALMER / FREIMARK  Between Jul and Sep 1907Mile End, London, Middx. F00013111
4 KLUGERMAN / FREEDMAN  Jan-Mar 1917Mile End, London, Middx. F00014607
5 KUCZYNSKI / ZOLLENDORF  Between Apr and Jun 1895Mile End, London, Middx. F00004204
6 RAKISON / KRISTALL  Jan-Mar 1913Mile End, London, Middx. F00013451
7 ROSEN / MANTUS  Between Jan and Mar 1914Mile End, London, Middx. F00013070
8 SHIFF / BLAUMAN  Jan-Mar 1894Mile End, London, Middx. F00015975
9 SIRKIN / LEVY  Between Jul and Sep 1900Mile End, London, Middx. F00012620
10 SKOLNICK / LIPMAN  Apr-Jun 1915Mile End, London, Middx. F00014627
11 VANN / PASSES  Between Jan and Mar 1924Mile End, London, Middx. F00013161
12 WEINBAUM / LABACHOFSKY  Between Oct and Dec 1910Mile End, London, Middx. F00012885
13 WEINSTEIN (WAJNSZTEJN) / MOSCOVITCH (MOSZKAVICZ)   Jul-Sept 1924Mile End, London, Middx. F00016038