Sheffield, Yorks.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ethel Maud  Abt 1881Sheffield, Yorks. I0042434
2 ARNISON Rowland  Abt 1878Sheffield, Yorks. I0000365
3 BALLIN Hannah  17 Oct 1915Sheffield, Yorks. I0038128
4 BALLIN Maurice Jacob  07 Oct 1908Sheffield, Yorks. I0038125
5 BALLIN Phillip  Abt 1909Sheffield, Yorks. I0038126
6 BARLOW Clarice  Abt 1896Sheffield, Yorks. I0025481
7 BARLOW Clarice V  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorks. I0025488
8 BARLOW Fanny H  Abt 1847Sheffield, Yorks. I0025492
9 BARLOW Frank  Abt 1899Sheffield, Yorks. I0025483
10 BARLOW Henry  Abt 1866Sheffield, Yorks. I0025486
11 BARLOW Herbert  Abt 1865Sheffield, Yorks. I0025487
12 BARLOW Horace  Abt 1854Sheffield, Yorks. I0025491
13 BARLOW Jessie  Abt 1898Sheffield, Yorks. I0025482
14 BARLOW Percy  Abt 1869Sheffield, Yorks. I0025480
15 BARLOW Samuel H  Abt 1878Sheffield, Yorks. I0025489
16 CAPLAN Rebecca  Abt 1908Sheffield, Yorks. I0035258
17 CLAYBOURNE George A  Abt 1863Sheffield, Yorks. I0042314
18 COHEN ???  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorks. I0015052
19 COHEN Hinda  Abt 1878Sheffield, Yorks. I0015044
20 COHEN Nathan  Abt 1868Sheffield, Yorks. I0015046
21 COHEN Rachel  Abt 1875Sheffield, Yorks. I0016260
22 COHEN Rebecca  Abt 1872Sheffield, Yorks. I0016032
23 COHEN Rebekah  10 Oct 1871Sheffield, Yorks. I0015061
24 COHEN Rosa  Abt 1862Sheffield, Yorks. I0040112
25 COHEN Telata?  Abt 1869Sheffield, Yorks. I0015051
26 COHEN Zalek  Abt 1876Sheffield, Yorks. I0015048
27 CRAMMER David  21 Jan 1909Sheffield, Yorks. I0035332
28 CRAMMER Esther  10 Mar 1918Sheffield, Yorks. I0038005
29 CRAMMER Hetty Tilly Shear  Abt 1895Sheffield, Yorks. I0024884
30 CRAMMER Hyman Simon  Abt 1906Sheffield, Yorks. I0024888
31 CRAMMER Lewis Jacob  Abt 1897Sheffield, Yorks. I0035328
32 CRAMMER Nathan Gabriel  23 Feb 1900Sheffield, Yorks. I0035330
33 CRAMMER Rachel  16 May 1914Sheffield, Yorks. I0038007
34 CRAMMER Rebecca  8 Sep 1911Sheffield, Yorks. I0038006
35 CRAMMER Rose or Rosa  07 May 1904Sheffield, Yorks. I0040347
36 CRAMMER Sarah Leah  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorks. I0035329
37 DAVIES Clara  Abt 1861Sheffield, Yorks. I0021189
38 DAVIES Clara  Abt 1877Sheffield, Yorks. I0036660
39 DAVIES Fanny  Abt 1855Sheffield, Yorks. I0021187
40 DAVIES Fanny  Abt 1858Sheffield, Yorks. I0018195
41 DAVIES Hyman  Abt 1852Sheffield, Yorks. I0021193
42 DAVIES Jacques  Abt 1877Sheffield, Yorks. I0021191
43 DAVIES Joseph  Abt 1868Sheffield, Yorks. I0021190
44 DAVIES Rachel  Abt 1857Sheffield, Yorks. I0018373
45 DAVIES Samuel  Abt 1863Sheffield, Yorks. I0021192
46 DAVIES Sarah  Abt 1859Sheffield, Yorks. I0021188
47 DAVIES Sarah  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorks. I0036658
48 DEBOVITCH Rebecca  Abt 1917Sheffield, Yorks. I0038141
49 DRAPKIN Sarah (Sadie)  22 Nov 1902Sheffield, Yorks. I0043560
50 FLOWERS Lorna Sara  11 Aug 1955Sheffield, Yorks. I0044938

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hinda Rose  26 Jan 1932Sheffield, Yorks. I0038060
2 (DEBSON) DEBOVITCH Sydney  10 Jan 1996Sheffield, Yorks. I0038140
3 ALTMAN Hyman Harris  08 May 1984Sheffield, Yorks. I0038218
4 BALLIN Annie G  Apr-Jun 1913Sheffield, Yorks. I0038127
5 BALLIN Bernard  19 Sep 1963Sheffield, Yorks. I0038110
6 BALLIN Daniel  26 Jun 1969Sheffield, Yorks. I0038150
7 BALLIN Hyman  14 Jan 1974Sheffield, Yorks. I0038122
8 BALLIN Joseph Samuel  06 Apr 1990Sheffield, Yorks. I0038120
9 BALLIN Louis  Oct-Dec1959Sheffield, Yorks. I0038149
10 BARNETT Adelaide  27 Jul 1912Sheffield, Yorks. I0045277
11 BASSOVITCH Shirley Lea  Nov 2003Sheffield, Yorks. I0031379
12 BERNSTEIN Sarah  13 Feb 1967Sheffield, Yorks. I0035346
13 BLACK Edith (Auga)  22 Jan 1973Sheffield, Yorks. I0038123
14 BLACK Rachel  02 Mar 1928Sheffield, Yorks. I0006895
15 CLAYBOURNE George Alexander  Apr-Jun 1865Sheffield, Yorks. I0042309
16 COHEN Eva  Oct 1999Sheffield, Yorks. I0038101
17 COHEN Simon (Zeaman)  Jul-Sep 1880Sheffield, Yorks. I0015045
18 COHEN Sora Rachael  Abt 1941Sheffield, Yorks. I0023255
19 CRAMMER Bernice  Between Jan and Mar 1929Sheffield, Yorks. I0038012
20 CRAMMER Sarah  01 Jan 1905Sheffield, Yorks. I0035343
21 DEBOVITCH Rebecca  Jan-Mar 1918Sheffield, Yorks. I0038141
22 DYCHE Annie  Between Jul and Sep 1929Sheffield, Yorks. I0038065
23 FLOWERS Paul  6 Apr 1979Sheffield, Yorks. I0041243
24 FREIDA  02 Jun 1920Sheffield, Yorks. I0035351
25 GOLDSTEIN Rachel  09 Sep 1970Sheffield, Yorks. I0038055
26 GORDOIS Annie  Apr-Jun 1961Sheffield, Yorks. I0024862
27 GORDOIS Samuel  Jan-Mar 1900Sheffield, Yorks. I0028165
28 GREENBLATE Sarah  15 Jan 1952Sheffield, Yorks. I0038111
29 HIRSCH Rebecca  Between Jan and Mar 1872Sheffield, Yorks. I0019668
30 HOFFENBERG Jacob  26 Aug 1944Sheffield, Yorks. I0006908
31 HYMAN Pasach  02 Apr 1939Sheffield, Yorks. I0037265
32 HYMAN Rosa  Between Apr and Jun 1928Sheffield, Yorks. I0012860
33 JACKSON Jane  Oct-Dec 1960Sheffield, Yorks. I0045037
34 JAFFA OR YOFFA Miriam  14 Mar 1961Sheffield, Yorks. I0035112
35 KADDISH Abraham  24 Nov 1969Sheffield, Yorks. I0045060
36 KADDISH Marks  18 May 1943Sheffield, Yorks. I0031645
37 LAZARUS Esther  27 Feb 1983Sheffield, Yorks. I0038197
38 LESSER Lewis  Between Jan and Mar 1880Sheffield, Yorks. I0024097
39 LEVIN Bessie  13 Sep 1943Sheffield, Yorks. I0038221
40 LEVIN Rosie Bessie  21 May 1988Sheffield, Yorks. I0023242
41 MORRIS Harry Samuel or  01 Jul 1954Sheffield, Yorks. I0033684
42 PATNICK Louis Norman  04 Dec 1932Sheffield, Yorks. I0023254
43 PICKER Joseph  08 Oct 1972Sheffield, Yorks. I0038078
44 PICKER Lazarus  01 Feb 1922Sheffield, Yorks. I0038050
45 PICKER Leslie  Jan 2003Sheffield, Yorks. I0038086
46 PICKER Lionel  17 Aug 1995Sheffield, Yorks. I0038067
47 PICKER Maurice Myer  26 Nov 1951Sheffield, Yorks. I0038061
48 PICKER Percival Zelick  Oct 1998Sheffield, Yorks. I0038085
49 REINSREIBER Israel  26 Sep 1908Sheffield, Yorks. I0035345
50 REINSREIBER Jacob  04 Oct 1970Sheffield, Yorks. I0035344

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MARKS Sarah  Abt 1859Sheffield, Yorks. I0001592

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 ARNISON Rowland  Jan-Mar 1879Sheffield, Yorks. I0000365
2 GLYNN Margaret  Apr-Jun 1935Sheffield, Yorks. I0019175
3 GORDOIS (John) Abraham  Oct-Dec 1894Sheffield, Yorks. I0018610
4 GORDOIS Annie  Jan-Mar 1899Sheffield, Yorks. I0024862
5 GORDOIS Daniel  Jan-Mar 1912Sheffield, Yorks. I0029314
6 GORDOIS Esther  Jan-Mar 1918Sheffield, Yorks. I0045035
7 GORDOIS Eva  Jan-Mar 1901Sheffield, Yorks. I0025345
8 GORDOIS Fanny  Jan-Mar 1897Sheffield, Yorks. I0045036
9 GORDOIS Joe  Jul-Sep 1905Sheffield, Yorks. I0026697
10 GORDOIS Joseph  Apr-Jun 1913Sheffield, Yorks. I0045034
11 GORDOIS Leah  Jan-Mar 1903Sheffield, Yorks. I0024952
12 GORDOIS Lewis  Jul-Sept 1923Sheffield, Yorks. I0045029
13 GORDOIS Miriam  Jul-Sep 1914Sheffield, Yorks. I0045207
14 GORDOIS Reuben or Ralph  Oct-Dec 1907Sheffield, Yorks. I0026698
15 GORDOIS Rosa  Oct-Dec 1909Sheffield, Yorks. I0027853
16 GORDOIS Samuel  Jan-Mar 1900Sheffield, Yorks. I0028165
17 GORDOIS Sylvia  Jul-Sep 1927Sheffield, Yorks. I0045032
18 KADDISH Abraham  Apr-Jun 1905Sheffield, Yorks. I0045060
19 KADDISH Celia (Cissie)  Jan-Mar 1907Sheffield, Yorks. I0045055
20 KADDISH Graham Joseph Otter  Jul-Sep 1936Sheffield, Yorks. I0045068
21 KADDISH Hetty  Apr-Jun 1912Sheffield, Yorks. I0045062
22 KADDISH Kitty  Jan-Mar 1918Sheffield, Yorks. I0045058
23 KADDISH Reuben  Jan-Mar 1910Sheffield, Yorks. I0045066
24 KADDISH Reuben  Jan-Mar 1919Sheffield, Yorks. I0045053
25 KADDISH Solomon  Oct-Dec 1908Sheffield, Yorks. I0045056
26 LESSER Hannah Rebecca  Apr-Jun 1874Sheffield, Yorks. I0024085
27 LEVIN Abraham L  Jan-Mar 1915Sheffield, Yorks. I0045044
28 SALTMAN Harris  Apr-Jun 1876Sheffield, Yorks. I515
29 YULES Solomon  Apr-Jun 1874Sheffield, Yorks. I0006162
30 ZACKLIN Isaac  Jan-Mar 1873Sheffield, Yorks. I408
31 ZACKLIN Sarah  Apr-Jun 1869Sheffield, Yorks. I0025379

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 BASSOVITCH Shirley Lea  Nov 2003Sheffield, Yorks. I0031379
2 CRAMER Minnie  Mar 1996Sheffield, Yorks. I0044941
3 GORDOIS Annie  Apr-Jun 1961Sheffield, Yorks. I0024862
4 GORDOIS Samuel  Jan-Mar 1900Sheffield, Yorks. I0028165
5 JACKSON Jane  Oct-Dec 1960Sheffield, Yorks. I0045037
6 KADDISH Abraham  Oct-Dec 1969Sheffield, Yorks. I0045060
7 KADDISH Marks  Apr-Jun 1943Sheffield, Yorks. I0031645
8 KADDISH Mendel  Apr-Jun 1984Sheffield, Yorks. I0045064
9 SILVER Edith  Jan-Mar 1978Sheffield, Yorks. I0045061
10 STIGLER Louis  Jul-Sep 1950Sheffield, Yorks. I0037833
11 WHITE Barnet  Apr-Jun 1954Sheffield, Yorks. I0029313
12 WHITE OR POMORANTZ Elizabeth  Oct-Dec 1953Sheffield, Yorks. I0024951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ROSENHEAD Jane  19 Aug 1970Sheffield, Yorks. I0012855


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLCARD / SKIBBEN  Between Jan and Mar 1943Sheffield, Yorks. F00013202
2 ALTMAN / SPIER  Between Oct and Dec 1943Sheffield, Yorks. F00014422
3 BALLIN / CANTOR  Between Jul and Sep 1950Sheffield, Yorks. F00014388
4 BRONKS / PLOTKIN  Between Jan and Mar 1938Sheffield, Yorks. F00014424
5 CLAYBOURNE / BRADFORD  Jul-Sept 1862Sheffield, Yorks. F00011554
6 COHEN / GRUNWALD  Jan-Mar 1862Sheffield, Yorks. F00005656
7 COHEN / PICKER  Between Apr and Jun 1946Sheffield, Yorks. F00014377
8 CRAMMER / YARDY  Between Jan and Mar 1924Sheffield, Yorks. F00014334
9 DEBOVITCH / BALLIN  Between Jan and Mar 1942Sheffield, Yorks. F00014387
10 ENDER / BELLAMY  Oct-Dec 1914Sheffield, Yorks. F00015569
11 FIFER / NURENBERG  16 Jun 1875Sheffield, Yorks. F00007514
12 FINK / GLYNN  Oct-Dec 1958Sheffield, Yorks. F00006979
13 GOLDMAN / VICTOR  Jan-Mar 1906Sheffield, Yorks. F00013734
14 GOLDSMITH / GREAVES  12 Sep 1839Sheffield, Yorks. F00005654
15 GORDOIS / MARSHALL  Apr-Jun 1912Sheffield, Yorks. F00000591
16 GORDON / CRAMMER  Between Apr and Jun 1904Sheffield, Yorks. F00014341
17 HODGSON later LEWIS / PICKER  Between Apr and Jun 1937Sheffield, Yorks. F00014376
18 HUCKIN / YARDY  Between Oct and Dec 1938Sheffield, Yorks. F00014348
19 HUGLIN / SUGARMAN  Between Apr and Jun 1927Sheffield, Yorks. F00013240
20 KADDISH KAY / CRAMER  Jan- Mar 1961Sheffield, Yorks. F00016100
21 LAPP / PATNICK  Between Apr and Jun 1910Sheffield, Yorks. F00008506
22 LEISEROWITZ / WIGRAM  Jan-Mar 1918Sheffield, Yorks. F00014452
23 LEVIN(E) / KADDISH  Apr-Jun 1914Sheffield, Yorks. F00016099
24 LIGHTMAN / GRAHAM  Between Oct and Dec 1935Sheffield, Yorks. F00013648
25 MOXEY / WALKER  Between Jan and Mar 1869Sheffield, Yorks. F00002142
26 PATNICK / HYMAN  Sheffield, Yorks. F00008325
27 PICKER / COHEN  Between Apr and Jun 1949Sheffield, Yorks. F00014375
28 PICKER / SIMMONS  Between Jul and Sep 1955Sheffield, Yorks. F00014373
29 POWELL / CRAMMER  Jul-Sept 1953Sheffield, Yorks. F00011858
30 SALTMAN / MARKS  7 Jul 1875Sheffield, Yorks. F175
31 SIMONS / NIMAN  Apr-Jun 1942Sheffield, Yorks. F00001061
32 SPIER / LAZARUS  Between Jan and Mar 1937Sheffield, Yorks. F00014413
33 SPIER / PLOTKIN  Between Apr and Jun 1941Sheffield, Yorks. F00014421
34 STIGLER / ROSENHEAD  Between Jan and Mar 1930Sheffield, Yorks. F00014263
35 WILSON / PICKER  Jul-Sep 1910Sheffield, Yorks. F00004242
36 WOSSKOW / FREDLIEB  Between Jul and Sep 1925Sheffield, Yorks. F00014408
37 ZEFFERT / CODDLE  Between Apr and Jun 1940Sheffield, Yorks. F00014425

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 FINK / GLYNN  Oct-Dec 1958Sheffield, Yorks. F00006979
2 KADDISH / STOKES  Oct-Dec 1916Sheffield, Yorks. F00016131
3 KADDISH KAY / CRAMER  Jan-Mar 1961Sheffield, Yorks. F00016100
4 LEVIN(E) / KADDISH  Apr-Jun 1914Sheffield, Yorks. F00016099
5 SALTMAN / MARKS  Jul-Sep 1875Sheffield, Yorks. F175