Occupation at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at marriage    Person ID 
1 (APPLE) Morris Appleson  1896Slippermaker I0006387
2 ABRAHAMS Solomon  1890Slippermaker I0006238
3 BAKER Betsy or Rachel  1893Slippermaker I0021521
4 BAKER David  1891Slippermaker I0006500
5 BARNETT Isaac  1878Slippermaker I0018439
6 BASKIN Israel Jacob  1894Slippermaker I0008103
7 BENJAMIN Sarah  1889Slippermaker I0008474
8 BERCOVITZ Sarah  1891Slippermaker I0023007
9 BERKOVITZ Joseph  1885Slippermaker I0015317
10 BLOOMINGTON Morris  1891Slippermaker I0023037
11 BLOOMINGTON Samuel  1890Slippermaker I0022953
12 BLUMENTHAL Samuel  1890Slippermaker I0007089
13 CALLINSKI Joseph  1900Slippermaker I0002555
14 CAPLAN Isaac  1900Slippermaker I0021998
15 CAPLAN Jacob  1886Slippermaker I0007323
16 COLEMAN Solomon  1874Slippermaker I0002799
17 DARK Harris  1892Slippermaker I0021382
18 FELDMAN Morris  1889Slippermaker I0008472
19 FINEBERG Joseph  1877Slippermaker I0003051
20 FREEDMAN Jacob  1889Slippermaker I0008857
21 FRIEDER Louis (Judah)  1864Slippermaker I0001092
22 GOLDBERG Lewis  1879Slippermaker I0003646
23 GOLDBLAT Julius  1897Slippermaker I0012080
24 GOLDMAN Abraham  1900Slippermaker I0021985
25 GOLDMAN Morris  1884Slippermaker I0003507
26 HARRIS Israel  1892Slippermaker I0009909
27 HARRIS Myer  1879Slippermaker I0024381
28 JULIUS Isaac  1888Slippermaker I0010417
29 KAUFFMAN Barnet  1888Slippermaker I0010421
30 KAUFMAN Solomon  1872Slippermaker I0004249
31 LAZARUS Abraham  1874Slippermaker I0004320
32 LEVI Betsy  1898Slippermaker I0023269
33 LEVI David  1894Slippermaker I0005904
34 LEVI Morris  1887Slippermaker I0015411
35 LEVY Morris  1879Slippermaker I0004517
36 LEWIS Abraham  1893Slippermaker I0016078
37 MILLINGS Lazarus  1899Slippermaker I0023394
38 MILLINGS Marks  1886Slippermaker I0005820
39 NATHAN Solomon Isaac  1900Slippermaker I0018320
40 NOSHAN Zachariah  1876Slippermaker I0014783
41 NYMAN Harry  1904Slippermaker I0012084
42 PAPKIN Abraham  1887Slippermaker I0015418
43 PERMISON Morris  1889Slippermaker I0015829
44 ROSE Simon Rosenswike or  1890Slippermaker I0022944
45 ROSENSTEIN Simon  1892Slippermaker I0016055
46 ROSENTINE Philip  1881Slippermaker I0014885
47 SALINSKY Joseph  1893Slippermaker I0007916
48 SAPERIA Charles  1901Slippermaker I0001932
49 SAPERIA Harris  1875Slippermaker I0012169
50 SAPERIA Nathan  1879Slippermaker I0005594

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Occupation at remarriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at remarriage    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Myer  1884Slippermaker I0024381
2 ROCKMAN Harris  1915Slippermaker I0029255