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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 SAFFMAN Morris  Tailor's presser I0022943

Occupation at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at marriage    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAMS Hyman  1912Tailor's presser I0023650
2 ABRAHAMS Solomon  1881Tailor's presser I0014891
3 ABRAHAMS Solomon  1896Tailor's presser I0014386
4 ABRAHAMSON Abram  1926Tailor's presser I0016363
5 BAKER Marks  1896Tailor's presser I0001711
6 BAKER Simon  1893Tailor's presser I0010768
7 BERNSTEIN Harris  1895Tailor's presser I0020471
8 BLACK Benjamin  1902Tailor's presser I0023578
9 BOWMAN Jacob  1909Tailor's presser I0022729
10 BRASS David  1894Tailor's presser I0020797
11 BROSTOFF Max  1899Tailor's presser I0037859
12 BROWN Reuben  1924Tailor's presser I0029246
13 BUTCHER Barnet  1898Tailor's presser I0020928
14 CANTOR Joseph  1886Tailor's presser I0007293
15 COHEN Jacob  1881Tailor's presser I0014895
16 DAVIDSON Marks  1893Tailor's presser I0008192
17 DAVISON Marks  1901Tailor's presser I0023464
18 DEBOVITCH Samuel  1902Tailor's presser I0022115
19 EVENSTONE Robert or Reuben  1874Tailor's presser I0002991
20 FIRESTONE John  1893Tailor's presser I0008575
21 FREEDMAN Simon  1895Tailor's presser I0023162
22 FREEMAN Lawrence (Lazarus) Jack  1927Tailor's presser I0025238
23 FRIEDLIN Marks  1889Tailor's presser I0008884
24 GERSHON Wolfe  1892Tailor's presser I0008973
25 GINSBERG Simon  1885Tailor's presser I0008997
26 GOLDBERG David Louis  1899Tailor's presser I0024059
27 GOLDBERG Isaac  1908Tailor's presser I0017321
28 GOLDBERG Morris  1888Tailor's presser I0009242
29 GOLDSTEIN Morris  1892Tailor's presser I0020738
30 HAFT Abraham  1929Tailor's presser I0011834
31 JACOBSON Morris  1895Tailor's presser I0023142
32 KAYLES Abram or Abraham  1935Tailor's presser I0019165
33 LESKIE Hyman  1914Tailor's presser I0006046
34 LEVI Samuel Labe  1898Tailor's presser I0021817
35 LEVINSTON Herman  1891Tailor's presser I0015942
36 LEVITEN Myer  1907Tailor's presser I0016681
37 LEVITEN Solomon  1897Tailor's presser I0023214
38 LIVINGSTONE Barnet  1885Tailor's presser I0017101
39 MARGEL Israel  1926Tailor's presser I0025584
40 MARKS Jacob  1900Tailor's presser I0023437
41 MASSASKIN Barnet  1899Tailor's presser I0023375
42 MENDELSON Lewis  1896Tailor's presser I0021681
43 MENDELSON Simon  1897Tailor's presser I0023193
44 ROSENBERG Samuel  1888Tailor's presser I0012763
45 ROSENWIGE Abraham  1902Tailor's presser I0037583
46 SAMUEL Solomon  1891Tailor's presser I0021360
47 SCHILLER David  1898Tailor's presser I0016306
48 SCHILLER Raphael  1891Tailor's presser I0023006
49 SCHOLNICK Myer  1904Tailor's presser I0023160
50 SHARE Abraham  1898Tailor's presser I0002999

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Occupation at remarriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at remarriage    Person ID 
1 ARONOVITCH Solomon  1933Tailor's presser I0024276
2 BOWMAN Jacob  1926Tailor's presser I0022729
3 GREENBERG Solomon  1889Tailor's presser I0009694