tailor's machinist


Occupation at 2nd rem.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at 2nd rem.    Person ID 
1 MUFFER Abraham  1944tailor's machinist I0029267

Occupation at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at marriage    Person ID 
1 AARON Sylvia  1945tailor's machinist I0023593
2 ADEMINSKY Percy  1899tailor's machinist I0008479
3 ALBAN Annie  1930tailor's machinist I0015468
4 ALBAN William  1913tailor's machinist I0015464
5 APPLEBAUM Morris  1909tailor's machinist I0029887
6 ARONOVITCH Abraham  1904tailor's machinist I0024265
7 ARONOVITCH Solomon  1901tailor's machinist I0017575
8 ASTRINSKY Louis  1899tailor's machinist I0019237
9 AUSTIN Solomon  1891tailor's machinist I0006447
10 BABBIN Kalman David  1902tailor's machinist I0020244
11 BAKALINKA Solomon  1918tailor's machinist I0024388
12 BAKER Abraham Isidore  1909tailor's machinist I0023936
13 BAKER David  1925tailor's machinist I0006523
14 BAKER Jane  1885tailor's machinist I0017109
15 BANK Bella  1932tailor's machinist I0024440
16 BEHRMAN Solomon  1890tailor's machinist I0006572
17 BENJAMIN Barnet  1928tailor's machinist I0002342
18 BENJAMIN Leah  1889tailor's machinist I0011910
19 BENJAMIN Levi  1913tailor's machinist I0001444
20 BENJAMIN Marks  1936tailor's machinist I0026907
21 BENJAMIN Philip  1921tailor's machinist I0015606
22 BERMAN Hyman  1925tailor's machinist I0006741
23 BERNHARDT Wolfe  1884tailor's machinist I0006747
24 BERNSTEIN Harris Lazarus  1901tailor's machinist I0006766
25 BERNSTEIN Samuel  1902tailor's machinist I0020467
26 BICKLER Sam  1916tailor's machinist I0006828
27 BLACK Abram  1913tailor's machinist I0020594
28 BLASHKEY Joseph Harry  1913tailor's machinist I0002422
29 BLOOMBERG Nathan  1910tailor's machinist I0008671
30 BROOKSTONE Solomon  1896tailor's machinist I0007180
31 BULLOCK Isaac  1893tailor's machinist I0016081
32 CALLINSKI Isaac  1908tailor's machinist I0002561
33 CALLINSKI COLLINS Lazarus  1907tailor's machinist I0002557
34 CAMPINSKI Marks  1894tailor's machinist I0016163
35 CANTOR Isaac  1922tailor's machinist I0007295
36 CHITRINBLATT Morris  1892tailor's machinist I0021373
37 CLAYMAN Isaac  1897tailor's machinist I0002611
38 CLUBMAN Joseph  1912tailor's machinist I0007009
39 CLUBMAN Philip  1920tailor's machinist I0010515
40 COHEN David  1893tailor's machinist I0001438
41 COHEN David  1910tailor's machinist I0003941
42 COHEN Israel  1920tailor's machinist I0026860
43 COHEN Joe  1893tailor's machinist I0016132
44 COHEN Joe  1921tailor's machinist I0007820
45 COHEN Morris  1896tailor's machinist I0007738
46 COHEN Sam  1910tailor's machinist I0028985
47 CONTER Yewdall  1884tailor's machinist I0022763
48 COOK Solomon Lewis  1899tailor's machinist I0019136
49 COOPERSMITH Jacob Israel  1898tailor's machinist I0023256
50 DAGUL Meyer  1897tailor's machinist I0005630

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Occupation at remarriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at remarriage    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAMS Aaron  1894tailor's machinist I0006224
2 GROSSBARD Leslie  1956tailor's machinist I0026421
3 MUFFER Abraham  1923tailor's machinist I0029267
4 NATHANSON Joseph  1944tailor's machinist I0029214
5 PHILLIPS Harry  1943tailor's machinist I0001440
6 WOOLF Abraham Harry  1959tailor's machinist I0006069