Liberal Jewish Synagogue Membership Database 1912-1938

This project is being coordinated by Bryan Diamond.

The LJS, the largest and oldest Liberal congregation, has applications for membership since it started in 1912; these have been transcribed to a database up to 1938. The application forms ask for the following:

Date of Application
Name, Address [usually in London]
Profession [often not entered]
Annual subscription
Number of children and Ages
Grave requirement

The data now posted on this site consist of only the surname and date of application; if fuller details are required please apply to me Bryan Diamond stating the full name you are interested in and relationship with that person, and I can supply the full entry; a donation of 3 to the LJS who own the data will then be expected [we have paid for this transcription].
The paper application forms are preserved up to the 1980s; if anyone is interested in continuing the transcription please contact me.

Bryan Diamond, Hon Archivist, The LJS

Click here to see the index from 1912-1938 which contains the surname and the year of application.

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