The Hyamson Papers.

A collection of Pedigrees

One day, in conversation, I mentioned the Hyamson Papers as a useful resource for Jewish genealogy. The person I was talking to was not familiar with the resource and I thought it might be of interest for those who can access records in London. Apparently Hyamson did not do much original research but recorded verbatim information given to him. Nevertheless there is a lot of value in his work as it opens up avenues for research. The fiche are not easy to read and most are rough and handwritten but I found a great deal of useful information. There is a set of microfiche at the Society of Genealogists. If you visit the centre be aware that if you are not a member you will have to pay a fee (see the above website link for charges to members and non members). I don't know when Hyamson died (perhaps someone can tell us) so I don't know until which year the papers were collected but there is a letter in there written in the 1950's.
Kind Regards, Judy Wolkovitch.

Daryl Coup informs us tht Albert Montefiore HYAMSON was born in 1875 and died in 1954.(thanks Daryl)

Hyamson Papers: The pedigrees are of the following families:

Adler, Aaron, Aarons, Alexander, Ansel(l), Abraham(s), Adolphus, Avigdor & d'Avigdor, Aguilar & d'Aguilar, Andrade, Asher, Abendana, Aberle, Allen, Alex, Albert, Almosnino, Ascoli

Bernal, Brandon, Basiva, Behrens, Benjamin, Barnet(t), Benas, Barrow, Barnard, Beddington, Beyfus, Buzaglo, Bloch, Birstingle, Blomfield, Bachrach, Ballin, Behrend, Blan(c)kensee, Belmont, Berlin & Berliner, Boss & Bock, Bing, Braham, Bischoppheim, Bennet(t), Benson, Barned

Cohen, Crawcour, Collins, Cohen, Capula, da Costa, Carvalho, Casper, Cantor, Chapman, Caro, Cowan, Constatt, Castello

Davis, Disraeli, Defries, Durlacher, Davidson, Daniels, Delacour, Douglas, Dutch, Dacosta, Dight, Drukker, Duveen, Duffield

Eisenstadt, Emanuel, Emden, Ezekiel, Elias, Eskell, Elkin, Eiger, Edwards, Emrik, Engel, Esher

Franco, Franks, Franklin, Frankau, Falk, Friedeberg, Flecker, Fox, Furtado, Faudel, Friedlander

Goldschmidt, Gompertz, Gluckstein, Goldsmid, Green, Goodman, Gollin, Gage, Gerothwohl, Gertenberg, Getting, Gideon, Glesinger, Godmanchester, Goldsmith, Goldwater, Gokesch, Graen, Graetz, Guedilla, Gulston, Greditz, Gubbay

Henriques, Hart, Harris, Herschell, Howard, Hambro, Heilbut, Haas, Hartog, Haldenstein, Hendricks, Henry

Isaacs, Isaac, Israel

Jones, Jacobs, Jessell, Jaffe, Jacob, James, Jalson, Joachim, Joel, Jessell, Jonas

Kisch, Keyser, Kessler, Kasper, Keeling, Konigswater, Kampfa, Kropuschin, Koppenhagen

Lousada, Levien, Levy, Lesser, Lazarus, Leapman, Lipman & Liebman, Lyon, Laurence, LAmego, Leitner, Lara, Lucas, Leon, Lopez, London, Levison, Lewin, Lemon, Lumley, Landau, Leo, Lion, Lamert, Lissa, Lazar, Lowe, Lewis, Lindo, Lee, Lion & Lyon & Lyons, Levi & Levy,

Magnus, Mosely & Moses, Marsden, Moses, Moss, Melhado, Mocatta, Meyer(s) & Myer(s), Montefiore, Beddington & Merton & Moses, Mosenthal, Mordecai, Marks, Micholls, Mirels, Mitchell, Michaels, Mendl, Mawson, Menser, Marcus, Morris

Neuberg, Nathan, Nansik, Neumegen, Neurenberg, Nelson, Newton

Ornstein, Oppenheim & Oppenheimer, Oven

Phillips, Pyke, Pressburg, Pinna de, Pass de, Pardo, Platnauer, Proops, Prince, Pacifo, Prager, Pereira, Philip, Pinto

Rothschild, Ricardo, Richardson, Raphael, Russell, Rosenbaum, Rintel, Reuben, Reiss, Rosenthal, Rebello, Rees, Raalte van,

Stern, Strauss, Simmond & Simmons & Simons, Schilff, Shuster, Schonberg, Salvador, de Symons, Seligman, Salaman, Sassoon, Solomon, Solomons, Samuel, Simon, Spielman, Saqui, Schloss, Schnitzler, Schubach, Selig, Sewill, Singer, Spyer, Stiebel, Suasso, Sumbel, Seixas, Sichel, Sloman, Sandau

Tobias, Tang

Vallentine, Vandam & Candermoolen & Villareal

Waley, Wagg, Warburg, Wallach, Woolf, Weil, Walter, Weinberg, Weitheimer, Wlefare & Wolfesohn, Worms, Weizel & Wormser


Yares, de Young

Zechariah, Zebi

The index also lists all the individual names on the trees but there are too many to list here (the index is between 50 and 60 pages long).

In addition to the pedigrees, there are a number of other lists among the papers including:

Bankrupts: Jewish Bankrupts (Collyer-Fergusons lists) 2 sets covering 1731-1785 from The Gentleman's Magazine and The London Magazine

Canterbury: BMDs from the Canterbury Hebrew Congregation (13 pages) No date

Exeter: Notes of the Exeter Hebrew Congregation (no date) 4 pages

Falmouth: Falmouth Hebrew Congregation - 40 graves in the Jewish Cemetery

Foreign Office: A 1952 FO Summer School - Correspondence re a lecture by A.M. Hyamson with a list of officials attending - 8 pages preceded by an index

Gaster: Gaster's History of the Great Synagogue - an index - 8 pages

List of Great Synagogue Members 1816-17, 1846-7 to 1870 - preceded by indexes

Ireland: Letters from N. L. Hyman to M. Rosenbaum (1938-45) researching the history of the Jews in Ireland but living in Palestine/Israel

Israel: The problems of the Arab Minority - The British FO View - 12 pages

Jamaica: Correspondence on Jamaican families between Hyamson and a) E. V. E. Teixeira de Mattos (1943-4) and b) Rev. H. Silverman (1945-6)

Jewish World: Index for 1907 - 3 pages

Jewish BMDs from the London Magazine 1732-85 (11 pages)

London: The Jewish Community in Southwark - A letter from Israel Solomons (manuscript) and Rev. Morris Rosenbaum's Printed History of the Borough Synagogue (31 pages) published in 1917 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the new synagogue preceded by an index

Name Changes: Entries of apparent Jewish interest extracted from "An Index to Change of Name" by W. E. Phillimore and E. A. Fry, London 1906. Covers the period 1760-1901. Alphabetical order of new name, with an index of original names - 23 pages

Navy Agents: An Alphabetical list of Jewish Licensed Navy Agents (to the end of April 1814) 3 pages

Norwich: Notes on Norwich congregation

Notes and Queries: An index to articles and notes of Jewish interest 1849-1946 - 34 pages

Obituaries: An alphabetical listing of Jewish obituaries appearing in the Annual register (1764-1948) 20 pages

Toowong: A list of Jewish names in the Toowong Cemetery - 10 pages preceded by an index

Voice of Jacob: An alphabetical list of 18 articles in the Voice of Jacob (1842-1046) and an appended note of an article in the Hebrew review

A letter by W. Levin 1889 Manuscript - 4 pages
Harris family recollections and connections with Collins, Davis, Jacob, Samuel and Samuels Manuscript 11 pages
Two letters between M. Rosenbaum and his son Harry with references to the Collins and Emanuel families Manuscript 13 pages

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