Princelet Street Synagogue Marriages Book 1

Princelet Street Synagogue Marriages Book 1 contains 100 marriages from 1897 to 1907. Extracted by Sherry Landa

The index is provided so that anyone who thinks they may have an interest in one of the marriages can check it before downloading the image.

This spreadsheet makes it possible to browse families, addresses, occupations as well as individuals.

In addition, further information, where it has been found, is included to help researchers identify exactly which marriages are of interest to them.

Once a marriage has been found the original image can be consulted.

Original image download instructions appear at the bottom of this page.

To view the spreadsheet click here to start the download.

The orignal images are downloadable in sets of 5 pages. There are 2 marriages per page, so 10 marriages per download. To go to IdeaStore website and start the download of the original images click here.

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