Jewish Chronicle Transcripts

Submitted by Linda Anderson

This simple resource comprises of a 32 page list in Word format. The transcripts are entries of personal interest to Linda's research, from the 1940s onwards. Names included (amongst others) are: BLOOMBERG, CAIDAN, CAPAL, CAPALOFF, DAVIS, FISHBAUM, FREED, GORDON, GREENBERG, GRYNAPEL, HARRIS, HARTZEL, JONAS, KAHANSKY, KAPILOFF, KATZ, LABELDA, LANE, LEVENE, LEWIS, LINDER, LUBELSKI, MAYOVER, NAVARRE, NORTON, PEARL, PEPPER, PEPPERBERG, PETERS, PODESCHWA, SHAMPLIN, STERN, TEKULSKY, VANDERMOLEN, WEISBAUM, ZEEGAN.

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This data in this format remains the property of Linda Anderson.

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