COHEN Surname Lists

A collection of miscellaneous records regarding the COHEN surname which have been collected by list members as part of their personal research.

COHEN (sic) entries recorded in the Register of Certificates of Arrivals (HO5 series 25 & 26) at The National Archives.

Cohen Naturalisations - "I wrote these naturalisations out during the same visit to PRO (now National Archives) [see below]. Someone on the list had mentioned they were trying to complete their list of Cohen's and had got up to 'J' I copied out J to P."
[See Angie Elfassi's submission for the COHEN names up to J].

Cohen Naturalisation Details- "I was at the PRO looking for a Dagul family Naturalisation and was given a whole book rather than a single file covering late 1903 to early 1904. I couldn't resist writing out all the Cohen's in it especially as it had the kids and other info".

The London Directory: Comprises of an extracted list of persons with the surname COHEN listed in the London County Directory - Directory of Professions & Trades 1811.

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