Tivoli House School

A 1911 census list
Courtesy Aaron Smith of London

Tivoli House, 89 Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent

Isidore BERKOWITZ-head-single-49-schoolmaster-Kent Gravesend
Hannah BERKOWITZ-sister-single-44-none-Kent Gravesend
Lydia ELSEY-assistant-single-42-school teacher-Middlesex London N K
Moses HOCHBAUM-assistant-single-38-school teacher-London Paddington
Margaret FIELD-assistant-single-50-school matron-Kent Gravesend

School Boarders:
Mark VANDERLINDE-16-London town n k
Gordon DURLACHER-15 -London Paddington
Leslie DURLACHER-15-London Paddington
Baron FRANKAL -14-London Bow
Maurice SOCOL-13-London town n k
Alfred COHEN-14-London Holborn
Hyman GOORVITCH-13-London Whitechapel
Cecil SMITH-13-London Holborn
Fred FRANKAL-12-London Bow
Harold Levene DAVIS-12-London Bloomsbury
Leon BLANKSTONE-11-Liverpool Kensington
Frederick HARRIS-12-London town n k
Emil MANDLER-13-London Whitechapel
Cecil BOAS-11-London Kilburn

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